How to define 'Clicked Email'

  • 23 March 2022
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How to define 'Clicked Email’

Is it a 'Clicked Email’ metric to  click the ‘unsubscribe’ in the email


Best answer by David To 23 March 2022, 22:02

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Hey @Eybie,

Do you have a time delay before this conditional split? 

In my experience, this sort of behavior occurs because of a timing issue. In other words, customers aren’t given enough time to be evaluated correctly. 

For example, if your structure was an email containing the link you’re targeting followed immediately by a conditional split with the “what someone has done (or not done), person has Clicked Email where URL equals X” definitions. Unless the recipient immediately clicked on that link in the email right as they received it, they would be evaluated as not having clicked the email when they moved onto the next step of the flow. Hence, the recipient wasn’t given enough time to be evaluated as having clicked the email. 



@David To thanks for your reply. 

On a further note, how can I setup and apply a filter to pick a certain email click (a precise one, instead of any another) to use this event on a conditional split?

I know I want to keep a certain number of people in my list depending on a click on a precise link I have in my email. Would you please explain the methods to make it happen properly? 

How am I supposed to populate the fields “where” and “equals”? 
Thanks for clarifying.



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I'm trying to target specific URLs from an email in a Flow using “what someone has done (or not done), person has Clicked Email where URL equals X”. I checked that the URLs are correct (and they are) but it's not working very good because I checked the analytics of an email and says for example that link n1 has 5 clicks, but in the conditional split appears 0 and sends everyone to the NO section of that conditional. How can I fix this so everyone who actually clicked that link goes to the YES part of the conditional split?? Are there any other options to do that segmentation right?


Eybie 😊

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Hey @CliqueC,

Great question! 

To target a specific URL you can use: what someone has done (or not done), person has Clicked Email where URL equals X”

Keep in mind you’ll want to make sure you have the exact URL you’re targeting in the definition, else you wouldn’t be capturing your desired individuals. 

If you’re new or just starting out, you may also experience a behavior where you don’t see any dimensions in the dropdown menus for the property and value. This is totally normal behavior! Take a look at the Community posts below to get an understanding of this behavior:


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If we include multiple URLs, would this count any click on the email as a click as a click for each URL?
I am asking this somewhat goofy question because we ran a single metric report & we are seeing, let’s say 2k “Clicked Email” events for unique profiles in the time period.

When we pull GA landing page performance, we’re seeing 200 total sessions to that page.

Additionally, how is “Clicked Email” populated? Is it using the klaviyo pixel on the webpage, or is it using the in-email pixel?

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Hello @kimmia,

Good question!

A “Clicked email” is defined as an interaction of a user clicking on a link in your emails. 

Clicking on the unsubscribe link in an email does not count towards your email’s click rate. Though, if a user clicks and unsubscribe, an unsubscribe event will be recorded on the profile’s event timeline. 

I hope this helps!


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Hey @AaronJ,

A Click Email event is tracked for every individual link in an email that has been clicked. This means that if a recipient clicks on several links in your email such as a header bar or a product block, each time the recipient goes back to the email and clicks on a link would be recorded as an individual Clicked Email event.

I believe taking a look at our Understanding Conversion Tracking Help Center article would be helpful to further understand how Klaviyo records a Clicked Email event and how it can be higher than what is shown in Google Analytics.

In my experience, the variance you’re seeing is due to Google Analytics tracking these sessions as returning users and not each as unique instances. Unlike Klaviyo, Google Analytics will typically group these sessions together; whereas Klaviyo will count each individual click as a unique event. I’m no expert in Google Analytics, so I could be wrong here, but we would highly suggest double checking how you’re tracking your own data in GA or working with a Klaviyo Partner to help set it up more effectively. 

As explained in the previously included Help Center article, a Clicked Email is recorded and tracked when a user clicks on any link in your email. Klaviyo is able to record these events due to having all URLs in an email wrapped in a unique tracking URL.