How to find relation between event i sent and internal events like Received/Opened for each email?

  • 3 December 2021
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Hey everyone! I want to track every email activity to show it in our dashboard.

So, i send request to track event “Example Event” and i can see, that in timeline it looks good, but there isn’t any helpful info when i look at “Receive Email” event.


Found out, that subsequent events has the same cohort id, but nothing matched with original event.


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3 replies

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Hi @skazancev


Welcome to the Community! We are so happy you’re here! 


I would love to help you further with this, but I might need a little more insight into what you mean by there isn’t any helpful info for the ‘Received Email’ metric and that nothing has matched with your original event. Are you looking to make a custom email event to track in your account? Additionally, can you send a screenshot of what you’re looking at what and what you’re looking to accomplish? 


Thanks for being a part of the Community!


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Hi, Taylor!


i send custom event named “Reset password”.

there is a flow for this metric and an email template. When user triggers event “Reset password” he receives the email. He opens it, clicks button and other actions, which are recorded to separate events. 

All separate events contains the same cohort value and can be grouped by it. But there is nothing what I can use for relation between original event “Reset Password” and separate. I mean I want to see all actions for every email. 

I did some test. 

  • send email Reset Password
  • send it again
  • open the first one and do some actions
  • Email statistics are same, isn’t it strange?
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Hi @skazancev


Thanks for the additional information, it was very helpful! 


Yes, a  Cohort is used to group people by some common characteristic around a certain metric. Are you looking to create a combined cohort report for your custom metric ‘Reset Password’ as well as “Opened Email” and “Clicked Email” metric? Unfortunately, we cannot create combined cohort reports at this time, but I would be more than happy to submit that as a feature request.


However, if I am still missing your original intent, do you mind sending a screenshot of your ‘Reset Password’ Metric and ‘separate metric’ so I can understand what you are seeing when you say there is no relation between them? 


I would love to interpret the last part of you message but I might need additional assistance. Would you mind sending a screenshot of the two email statistics you’re comparing? Do you mean that you see the same metrics are firing/recorded for your first unopened ‘Password reset’ email and the ‘opened ‘Password reset’ email?


Thank you!