How to reduce number of emails going into Gmail promotions vs Primary Inbox

  • 1 February 2023
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Two parts to this question;


  1. How measure the % of gmail account where email is being filtered to a) primary b) promotions or c) spam
  2. How to increase % going to a) ( or b))



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Hi Sean,

Great questions!

Short answer to #1 - The recommended way to get these insights is by implementing a smart deliverability monitoring tool.

These tools offers a comprehensive deliverability and threat monitoring that provides actionable insights that will help you reach the inbox.

You can easily get insights related to inbox placements, tab placement or if there are any blacklisting issues.

Regarding point #2, it involves a strategic plan of action and guidance on how you can improve the deliverability and user engagement. Landing into promotion vs primary tabs is all about Gmail ML algorithms that’s driven majorly by recipient’s behaviour.

Like to know more, happy to hop on a call and talk about it.



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Hey @SeanMcC,

Just adding to @inboxingmaestro’s great points above, we also offer some guidance on this in our Understanding Gmail's tabbed inbox Help Center article.

Overall, landing in the Promotion’s tab is totally normal and actually oftentimes expected by your recipients.