I recently acquired a list from a third party — can I send to this list in Klaviyo?

  • 28 June 2021
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Sending to a list of contacts who have never consented to receive emails from your brand is never recommended. When you acquire a list through a third-party, you are not acquiring each individual email address owner’s consent. Sending to a list that was acquired from a third-party will result in elevated bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaint rates. 


Lastly, sending to a list that is acquired from a third party violates Klaviyo’s Acceptable Use Policy

2 replies

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Hi, what about a scenario where I purchase a list from a third party and use the data in the (phone numbers) to call and ask for their consent to send them an email? I want to use Klaviyo to send media releases to newspapers. I want to if that still goes against your policy or not. I'm of the view that the answer I don't want to hear

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Hi @LVNGLEY -- thank you for your comment! 

If you are able to collect explicit consent from the contacts to allow you to send emails to them before uploading them onto Klaviyo, then you are fine. I would highly advise maintaining a record of proof of opt-in for each contact you upload onto Klaviyo.