I set up a dedicated sending domain before, but I notice that my emails are not sending from that domain. Why's that?

  • 29 June 2021
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After you’ve added in the CNAME records in your Klaviyo account settings, there are two more steps to the process of creating a dedicated sending domain. Once you’ve added your CNAME records, click on the “Continue to Verify” button to allow Klaviyo to confirm whether the CNAME records are present or not. If all the records are present, you will see the “Continue to Verify” button change to “Apply Domain”. Click “Apply Domain” and confirm that you would like to move forward to apply the dedicated sending domain. If you only verified the domain and did not apply it, you will continue to send on Klaviyo’s shared sending domain. 


Another reason why you may see that your emails are no longer sent on your dedicated sending domain is due to your domain’s DNS. Make sure that the Klaviyo CNAME records are still present within your domain’s DNS. If they are no longer there, Klaviyo cannot make use of the dedicated sending domain. Also, outages can happen with DNS. During a DNS outage, the CNAME records will not propagate. If any Klaviyo emails are sent during that outage, your dedicated sending domains will not be used during that time period. 

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