Identifying Our List's Churn Rate?

  • 11 May 2021
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How do we find the analytics/data that shows when (i.e., how long after signing up) subscribers are unsubscribing from our list? We’d like to get a better handle of our email list’s retention/churn rates.

Then we’d like to look into similar figures, such as the average time that someone is a subscriber to our various lists/segments.

So -- How long are they with us? and At what point do they tend to drop off? Those are the kinds of questions we’re asking. Where can I gather those kinds of statistics?



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Hello @Kyle,

Great questions!
At this time Klaviyo does not have the capability to report on the length of time a subscriber remains in your list before unsubscribing to find the retention/churn rate of your list. 

Although Klaviyo does not have this exact capability, Klaviyo does offer both a list growth and an engagement report to offer you more insight into these contacts and their behavior. Within the list growth report, you can track the source and the number of contacts that were added to a list in a given timeframe; as well as the number of contacts who have unsubscribed from the list. A list growth report is only available for list and not segments.

Alternatively, an engagement report would be available for both lists and segments and can provide you data on how engaged these contacts within the list or segment are within the last 30-days. This report allows you to track and compare the average click and open rate along with the average order value. 

Since Klaviyo does not yet have this sort of reporting to provide you information regarding the retention/churn rate of your list, I’ll be sure to share this feature request to our Product Team!

Thanks for being a member of our Klaviyo Community!


Good to know. Thanks, David!

Has there been any development in the last two years? I too am very interested in tracking our lists’ churn rates :)



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Hey @TanjaS! This is still not an automatically tracked metric, though you can definitely still figure it out using the methods David listed above.