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  • 27 February 2024
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We've observed a marked increase in the number of unsubscribers across our Klaviyo accounts in recent weeks.

Total amount of unsubscribes on one of our accounts (last 30 days)

I am fully aware that this is usually the result of worse content, new segments definitions or something of the sort, and of course that was the first thing I considered, but after doing some digging I quickly realised that this has to be something else entirely

Why I believe it’s not the content/segments?
A couple of things that would support this are:
- No changes in our standard sending regime: same schedule, segments and material
- No drop in other engagement metrics: other metrics like open rate, click rate, revenue, spam rate etc. stayed similar or even improved
- Not on all accounts: only seeing it on a couple of our Klaviyo accounts​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​- An unusual spike in daily unsubscribe rates has occurred, even on non-campaign days. We actually manage about 3x more unsubs even on non-campaign days. Highly unusual.


Considering new sender requirements
Initially, I suspected the increased unsubscribes could be linked to recent "one-click unsubscribe" features introduced by Yahoo and Google. However, further examination of the activity feed suggests a different issue.

Abnormal, glitchy or bot-like behaviour
We've detected irregularities, such as subscribers opting out from emails sent several weeks or months ago. A notable instance involves a customer who unsubscribed at 1:32 PM GMT+1 and then proceeded to open over 50 emails within a three-minute span post-unsubscription.


Abnormal customer behaviour

Such patterns seem inconsistent with genuine user behavior and may indicate a system glitch or bot activity.

Similar issues?

Are there others experiencing this anomaly? If you've noticed a similar pattern or have encountered this in the past, your insights could be vital in identifying whether this is a broader issue or an isolated incident.


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@matic Thank you for the super thorough post! Gold star for sure ⭐


You have addressed all the follow up questions I would have asked and I do agree the behavior is very unusual. In this instance I’m going to send this over to Support for further investigation. You can expect an email from them soon!


Let us know what you find out :)