Insights on about WHERE customers are clicking on an email?

  • 8 June 2023
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How can we get a top-line a report showing WHERE customers are clicking on email campaigns?

Goal is to understand the most valuable links across our templated blocks (eg menu banner, footer, 3 x stack CTA etc) alongside understanding if varied content options are gaining clicks (eg is a CTA linking to a blog more likely to get clicks than a CTA to product?)


Eg are they clicking on the menu banner 'SHOP NOW' link or another link, or the first header block, or even a specific link in the footer?


I am used to creating this through UTM tagging the blocks individually and tracking through GA, but surely there is a system within the Klaviyo tagging that tracks this? 


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When you open campaign that you already sent click on the Link Activity for that campaign and then you will have this switch option from table to visual. Click on visual and wait a bit to populate the numbers.. 


Just one note, if you have same link in multiple places make sure you add some short different utm different code before sending the campaigns so you can properly see if someone clicked an CTA or an Image that has the same link..


Thanks @Bobi N. - but my Campaign review screen doesn’t show an option to toggle between table and visual? 


When you say switch up the UTM code, would you suggest a content tag? 

eg utm_content=MenuShopNow vs utm_content=MenuInstagram

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Great insight @Bobi N.

@HannahBud, are you sending your campaign as part of an A/B test? A visual map for link activity is not available when it comes to A/B testing.



Hey @David To - it is on Smart Send time, which is why I can see the A/B test tab. 


I might avoid the Smart Send time for a 2 week period so I can create some visual / heat mapping results that can easily be shared. 


Hey @Bobi N. - are you able to show me an example of a utm code you suggest I manually include and how to do this against the klaviyo auto tagging? 


I am mainly concerned with my universal template of my menu banner - but unsure how to integrate this into the automated Klaviyo utm tagging of the campaign tag. 

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This is pretty simple.. here is example → if this is basic link

In general just add ?=text and this wont change your link it will just make it different for tracking so even thought the end point will be the same klaviyo will show you the results for these links as separate..