Issues with product performance reporting

  • 24 November 2021
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I have a very n00b question about building a product performance report and I am running into a wall.

I need to display order ID on a daily basis and selected the following parameters in a single metric report 

The output is zilch.

Changing the OrderID with ItemName gives me a nicely formatted report, however. 

How do I add the orderID to this report? 

I have tried multiple options but none seem to stick. 


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3 replies

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Hi @bhas,

Thank you for sharing this question with our community.

Do you mind elaborating on why you’re looking for the OrderId specifically? If you can elaborate on the end-goal that would be helpful so we can work towards a solution.

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Hi @Dov , I want to generate a report (weekly and monthly) of the orders that Klaviyo is contributing. My client wants the data to better attribute sales to email from their backend. 

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Hi @bhas,

Thank you for your follow-up reply and for sharing that helpful information. 

In theory we should be able to achieve this but clearly are hitting a snag somewhere. My recommendation is to open up a support ticket to have our team investigate this further. 

In the meantime, as a workaround you can use the following endpoint: for your placed order metric which returns a batched timeline of these events + the corresponding event data which will include the OrderID.

I hope that’s helpful!