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  • 25 August 2023
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Can anyone see their flow data in GA4?  My campaigns are pulling through but not the flows for some reason.

I’ve also tried creating a custom channel grouping in GA4 and changed the source/medium in Klaviyo to match it and that not working either.

Could it be the order of the channel groupings?  And flows are perhaps lower down in the attribution model?


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5 replies

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Hi @CC_ArdMoor 

My set up for one Klaviyo account below plus GA4 report for Traffic Acquisition for the same account. Pulling in OK for me. Have you checked UTM tracking is on for your flows?

You could also try a test url with the Klaviyo UTM parameters to check you’re seeing source/medium OK in GA4’s realtime report. Quick tool to do that here:





GA4  Traffic Acquisition by source/medium


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Amazing - I’ll go try that now!

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I created a campaign url in the campaign builder and I’m not seeing it in GA4 realtime. I made the source Klaviyo - and I’m not seeing that at all in users by first source/medium.  Is it something I’ve not set up correctly in GA4?

We had used an app to connect GA4 originally, and when it was removed I’m not sure what to reset?   Wondering if thats the issue?

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Ah wait - I might not see my traffic due to my internal traffic settings?

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Yes, if you’re filtering internal traffic, the session won’t be captured in GA.