Klaviyo report card - shopify revenue group by missing items

  • 24 April 2021
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I have a revenue table in analytics with Shopify revenue grouped by item. 

However, a lot of the products are missing from the table.

I’ve reset it/ rebooted it - nothing changes it. The total revenue reported - when I don’t apply a grouping is correct.

Is this a known bug? Or is there something I can do to see the correct data?


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Hi @ks2025


Thanks for sharing your question with the community. I would highly suggest reviewing our extensive help article that reviews how to create specific cards on the analytics dashboard. 


To get a more extensive look at product performance I would definitely suggest looking into a Product Performance Customer Report. The linked article goes through how to create this report on the analytics tab under “custom reports” tab in Klaviyo. A custom report will give you a much more detailed and digestible view of revenue by specific product. These reports can also give insight into interaction with your products with started check out and viewed product data.


I hope this helps!



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Hello @ks2025

Can you confirm if the Analytics Card you are building is using the rules of “(Shopify) Revenue > Grouped by Value: Item”?

If so, then the discrepancy you are seeing actually has to do with how that Analytics Card is calculated and spliced with the “Grouped by Value: Item” rule. Creating a card with this rule would not actually return the value of the specific items, but instead return the values of the entire order that includes those items; which skews some of this data. 

This is because “Revenue” is technically the total Order Value, calculated as the Total Value of all the Placed Order events accumulated within your account over your selected timeframe and not the total product value. As such, when spliced with the “Group by Value: Item” rule, Klaviyo would list out all the Items that have attributed to a sale/order, and return the value of the entire order that those products were a part of. 

For this reason, using and building a Custom Product Performance Report as @marissanunez suggested would be the best alternative to actually see a true breakdown of how well your products are performing and how much they are contributing to your overall revenue. 

In terms of products missing from your Analytics Card reporting, tables from these analytics cards maxes out at 200 rows. This means that if you have more than 200 products in your catalog, they may be omitted due to the table’s limitation. Custom reports would still be subjected to this 200 row limitation as well. However, the custom report would allow you to export the data to a .CSV which would include all the remaining data not displayed in the Klaviyo interface for your review and analysis.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!