Long links of images being flagged for deliverability?

  • 5 October 2022
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Hi superusers! We use Glock apps for testing deliverability, and often when we see deliverability issues, one of the recommendations from the app is to reduce the length of images links (ie. the link to where the image is stored in Klaviyo, not what the image links to). Since we can’t control the length of those links, wondering if anyone has found a solution to address this? 


Thanks for your advice!

1 reply

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Hey @KatherineB 

While there isn’t anything on your end that can be done to shorten those image links, you can actually reach out to Klaviyo Support and ask them to enable Klaviyo Link shortening. This isn’t something we advertise to everyone that we can do in the backend, but if you are noticing the length of image URLs are impacting your deliverability, then definitely ask support to help you out! Hopefully this helps!