Mail tester reporting you're not fully authenticated

  • 3 February 2023
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Hello Klaviyo Fam,

I tried to use a mail-tester to rate our deliverability. And the result is 4.3/10, it says were not fully authenticated. How to fix this? 

Here is the result:

Note: We use a sub domain: connected to our Klaviyo but we set-up our Dedicated sending domain using our main domain: is this okay?


Thank you.


Best answer by inboxingmaestro 3 February 2023, 14:01

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2 replies

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Hi @thepowerofcopy 

This is related to my previous response. Once the domains are aligned and authentication done properly, you should be able to see that resolved.



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Hey @thepowerofcopy,

In case you missed @inboxingmaestro’s response to your previous post, I’ve included it below:

I also think that Mohsin is spot on that this is due to a domain misalignment from either not having already setup a dedicated sending domain or the dedicated sending domain was setup incorrectly. If you have not already setup a dedicated sending domain, you can find instructions for this in our How to set up a dedicated sending domain Help Center article. If you have already setup a dedicated sending domain, but may have set it up incorrectly, you’ll want to reach out to our Support colleagues to have it reset to set it back up with the correct configuration. 

Be sure to also work alongside your IT administrators/network administrators if you’re unfamiliar with making these changes. Since this does pertain to your sending domain, small changes or incorrect setup can potentially have impacts on your sending reputation.