Multi-metric custom reports for subscribers

  • 14 March 2023
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I am needing some help with  Custom Report.


I have report the following Metrics;


1.Subscribed to List


3.Subscibed to Back in Stock 

4.Marked as Spam

5.Updated Preferences

6.Email Clicked

7.Email Sent


It appears that profiled that add their email to pop up form whilst already sudscribed how can I adjust the metric so that it only counts new subscribes.

( It would also be interested to know which metrics you include in your reports?)







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3 replies

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Hey @SeanMcC,

I think it would be helpful to myself and the rest of the Community understand your question a bit more if you could provide more details. For example, what type of report are you running and what is it’s overall goal? 


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Hi @David To 


Hi its a multi metric report to keep an eye on metrics such as subscribes and clicks on each day to provide an overiew on how well our pop ups etc are working.

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Hey @SeanMcC,

How are you defining your data points when you’re creating that custom report? For user behaviors such as Subscribed to List or Unsubscribe, you can customize the data by unique. For example, if someone fills out a form and triggers two subscribed to list events within the time frame you’re analyzing, it will only record a single unique event. 

Have you also considered using either a list growthengagement report, or the form analytics

Instead, to determine how well your forms perform, you may want to use either the built-in form analytics or Google Analytics - if your forms are configured to do so.  

On the other hand, when analyzing customers/subscriber behaviors such as how many unsubscribe or marked your emails as spam. This would be a great use case for the list growth report where it offers you a breakdown of your subscribers. This is also useful to isolate and ensure that you’re analyzing unique subscribers.

I would also argue that multi-metric report would already be accomplishing your goal in determining how your forms performs.