My Shopify 'Fulfilled Order' metric is not connecting correctly

  • 17 September 2021
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Fulfilled order metric is showing events for when an order has ‘fulfillment in progress’. Not when its actually been ‘Fulfilled’ and dispatched. This is crucial to me as i have set up a shipping confirmation email flow and my customers aren't receiving their shipping updates and tracking. I use a 3rd party drop shipping company that handles printing and shipping for me. Would i need to keep the shipping confirmation email ticked in shopify settings? I turned it off thinking it would double up emails and annoy my customers.

Thank you to anyone that could help me :)


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Hi @ethan,


Thanks for posting your problem to the Community! I hope to provide some insight into what may be causing this issue.

To get started understanding what might be the issue behind your question, we must first understand how Klaviyo interacts with Shopify and other apps in regard to how data is understood and moved. Due to the fact that Klaviyo is an ingestion tool, we do not modify data from other integrations as they push data to us. That being said, we get data into our app and we react based on the data that we received. Therefore, if the data pulled in from your third party company doesn’t necessarily translate properly to Klaviyo and Shopify, the data can be triggering an event at the wrong time.

There is also a fulfilled partial order flow that you could create. The key behind this is understanding the difference between fulfilled and partially fulfilled. 

The partially fulfilled order event is tracked when an order that has been placed is partially fulfilled. For example, if you opt to ship order items in multiple shipments and want to send transactional emails for each stage in the fulfillment of an order, fulfilled partial order events can be leveraged such that customers are notified when their items will be delivered. On the other hand, a fulfilled order event is tracked when an order is marked as "fulfilled" in your Shopify store. Klaviyo will track a Fulfilled Order event specifically when we sync an order with a Fulfillment Status of "fulfilled."

The event Klaviyo tracks includes all product information regarding the items someone purchased including product names and images so you can use that information in purchase follow up emails. You can filter and target Fulfilled Order events based on the following criteria:

  • $value: The total value of the fulfilled order
  • Items: The names of the products in someone's order, e.g., t-shirt or pants
  • Collections: The complete set of the collections of the products in someone's order, e.g., t-shirts, men's, pants, and sale
  • Item Count: The count of line items in the order, e.g., 2. Note that this does not account for the quantity of items. Additionally, it is possible to add the same item to a cart multiple times and have it counted as multiple line items in Shopify; Klaviyo does not check for uniqueness or merge these for Item Count.
  • Discount Codes: Any discount or coupon codes someone used towards the order, e.g., SPRING2015
  • Total Discounts: The total amount of any coupons or discounts if someone used a code, e.g., 10.00

Additional info can be found in this article.

My guess is that you partially fulfilled an order (which would trigger that partially fulfilled order event in Klaviyo) and doing that also leads to the status of “fulfillment in progress” in Shopify which would all be expected. 

I would recommend checking support on your 3rd party drop shipping company to see why the fulfilled order metric is going off when they send the event data of when an order has ‘fulfillment in progress’. Klaviyo and Shopify should trigger the fulfilled order event properly and more can be found on our documentation here.


I look forward to your response,