Need Tracking Code for Logged In

  • 16 April 2022
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I’m on Shopify and not a coder. Would someone be able to help me with two important events that I would love to track:

  1. User Search Terms - Tracking when someone searches for a term
  2. User Logged In - Track when a user logs into their account

Best answer by jmacman 18 April 2022, 15:05

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2 replies

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I’ve made some minor progress for anyone interested. You are able to create your own custom Metrics using Integromat. So for any metric that is connected to my Shopify as an event, I am able to create a custom API metric to shoot over to Klaviyo. It’s pretty powerful.

Unfortunately, the Shopify Webhooks do not include User Search Terms, and When a user logs in, so I still need custom code for that.

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Hey @jmacman,

Thanks for sharing your solution with the rest of the Community! 

Other tools that come to mind after reading your comments is both Shopify’s own Flow and Klaviyo Connectors and Zapier. Both of which allows you to sync certain custom events to Klaviyo for use like any other metrics!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!