New Customer Attribution ?

  • 27 April 2022
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Hey Klaviyo Community,

Does anyone use Klaviyo Analytics to identify new customers & attribution ? 

I’ve identified I can find our new customers each day by making a segment on Klaviyo. 

What is the best method to determine where the sales came from ? I.e Facebook, Google etc 

Thanks for your help. 


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Hi there @Cmac101


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help here! 


Many users use and customize their Analytics Dashboard to show attribution form their flows, campaign etc for easy visibility. Additionally, if you’re interested you should check out our documentation on Flow Performance and Campaign Performance reports if you haven’t already. 


When determining where you subscribers are coming from, how exactly they’re finding you, creating a segment is a great idea! You can additionally use the  $source value property to find how users found their way to you, however, as this $source can change i.e. if a subscribers fills out a 2nd form, their $source will then be override, it’s suggested that you add hidden properties to your forms CTA buttons   so you can ensure you know where a subscribers originally found you. Additionally, you can see other metrics like ‘filled out FB lead ad’ to see which of your subscribers have found you through a FB ad as well. However, it should be noted that the $source for a FB lead ad will show up as API in a customer’s profile. 


Finally, I’d check out some of these other topics that could help you gain further insight on this topic!


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community!