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Is there any report in Klaviyo that can give you an overview of email opens and clicks for an entire list/segment? For example, in HubSpot I can export a group and see how many emails someone has received, opened, and clicked. 


I can see this behavior on an individual profile basis, but I’d like to be able to see it en masse. Also, the profile data seems to count multiple opens and clicks per email, which is helpful also, but not what I want to see.


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Hi @Pkirby thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community! You can run a custom campaign report and sort it by list/segment, which should give you what you’re after. When you are choosing the parameters for your report, make sure to include unique clicks as well as total clicks so you get a full picture. 


Here’s more info from Klaviyo on setting up Custom reports. 


*Please note, the list/segment reporting in custom reports is only available for campaigns sent after July 2022. 

You can run the same report for flows as well. 

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@KatherineB  thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure how that would give me what I’m looking for. As an example, say my list contains Bill, Sarah, and Jim. I’d want a table that shows this:

  • Bill: received 10 emails, opened 6, clicked on 2
  • Sarah: received 6 emails, opened 1, clicked on 0
  • Jim: received 2 emails, opened 1, clicked on 1

Is there any way to get that for an entire list / segment?

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Hey @Pkirby,

Great question!

Something like this currently isn’t possible within Klaviyo directly. However, I know this is achievable through our API. 

This’ll need to be done in 2 separate calls. You can make one call to get all members of a list, then loop through that and use the profile IDs returned to make your second call. The second call will be to the Get Events endpoint which filters for the profile ID and the metric ID that you want to see. You can make follow up calls for the various other metrics you want to return.