Order/Revenue Attribution Not Showing for Campaign

  • 28 December 2021
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I sent a campaign on 12/23 and know orders were placed from clicking a link in that email and nothing is showing in placed orders or revenue. All the metrics are showing in customer profiles (active on site, added to cart, placed order, fulfilled order), but not on the campaign report.


We just moved from 3dcart to WooCommerce and I know with 3dcart the sync time was a few hours- with WooCommerce it syncs in real time.


Is there something I’m missing as to why the order/revenue attribution would not be working?




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2 replies

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Hello @ericar,

Thanks for sharing this question with us!

It’s great to hear that all of the order metrics are showing up on the customer profiles. This tells us that this data is getting recorded in Klaviyo as it should. The question is now whether the correct attribution metric is being used in your reporting. By this, I mean whether we’re displaying revenue from 3D cart in the campaign overview, or the new revenue from WooCommerce. 

By default, the revenue (placed order) value shown in the campaign overview (which is what I think you’re referring to, but correct me if I am wrong) will not automatically “change over” to the “Revenue” (Placed Order) metric to a new integration (WooCommerce). So since you switched ecommerce integrations, I suspect that the “0” is actually showing the revenue from 3Dcart rather than WooCommerce, which we’d expect to be 0 since you are no longer tracking revenue with this integration.

The fix for this is simply to change over the attribution metric in your Dashboard from 3DCart’s Placed Order to WooCommerce’s Placed Order. This can be achieved by navigating to the Dashboard > Performance tab


Then navigate back to your campaign overview and you should see the WooCommerce revenue present for all campaigns sent since you changed ecommerce integrations.

I hope that helps and happy holidays from the Klaviyo community!

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Hi Dov,


That did it!! I knew I had to be missing something somewhere. Thank you so much!