Possible to number of ordered products by list?

  • 8 December 2020
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Hey all!

I like many have Klayvio integrated with both Shopify and Facebook and I run lead generation ads to get followers for my list. Is it possible to see the lifetime number of Ordered Products broken down by list in the analytics section? Having trouble finding it, though the engagement report showing AOV per list leads me to believe that the info must exist somewhere. Thank you!


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Hey! Thanks for contributing to the Community. 

There is not an out of the box way to view this information in Klaviyo but I can propose a workaround. When we create a report in the Analytics dashboard we can group data by profile properties. While we will not automatically tag profiles with a property depending on the list they are in, we could create a flow to do just that. So we could create a flow that enrolls profiles when they are added to a specific list and then tag them with a custom property. We can then use this custom property to group data within the Analytics dashboard. 


Let me know what you think, and thanks again for reaching out :)