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  • 18 September 2023
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Hi guys,

Am encountering a weird issue here. I sent out an EDM on 12th September and it has generated a sale on 15th September. I’ve checked the order and they did made a purchase on the product featured in the EDM, had an internal team to cross check and it is to that particular segment as well.

By right the sale should be attributed to the email, yet the sale was not reflected anywhere on the campaign reporting to date (not even on previous email sends too). By right, Klaviyo have a 5 day attribution window (if I’m not mistaken) but it is weird that the sale is not showing up anywhere. The sent email had UTM tracking links on all of the products as well which is quite off. 

May I understand what could be the issue here? Thanks for the help!


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6 replies

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@Darren C 

From what you said It may be that you are missing an important action.

Yes this person receive the email and yes they placed an order, but the attribution to be set to an email that person that bought first need to either open or click the email and then buy.

If this person didn’t opened or clicked the email before they made the purchase it doesn’t make any difference if they receive it or not since the attribution is only to those that open or click and after that in the 5 day period from sending the email they buy.

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I see OK thanks @Bobi N. , after checking the user activity, it seems that he/she did not click or open the email but made a purchase directly from the site, thanks for helping to answer the concern!

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I am having the same issue. Not just on one customer. I can see that they are opening and even clicking the email, but when I look at the numbers it didn’t attribute to either the campaign they opened or the browse abandonment email. They even used their unique browse coupon. How do I go about correcting this? 

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Check the attribution settings.. usually is set to 5 days but it may be changed for your account for some reason. This means if someone opens the email and buys 6 days after receiving it it won’t be attributed to it. Or if for some reason the 5 days is changed to your account to lower number of days this may be the reason for the attribution problem.. 

You can check this in Settings - Email - Attribution

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@Bobi N. Thanks, I checked and attribution window isn’t the issue. The customer I was recently referencing was from within a 24-hour window of 2 different emails that a customer opened and clicked on both, in shopify it shows he used a coupon from one of the emails (browse flow) yet in Klaviyo neither the flow nor the campaign show his name as a contributing sale.

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@emailchelsea123 hm.. that is weird. And how are you checking this? Probably the best way to be sure is to create a segment with definition: 

  • placed order at least once over all time where email is (add the browse flow email name)
  • OR placed order at least once over all time where email is (that campaign email) 

if it doesn’t show that person in this segment then I think you should check with support why its not there but im pretty sure that person will be added to this segment