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  • 23 May 2023
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I would like to create a dashboard where it shows a breakdown of all of our segments. It would be good to customise with custom properties too.


Ideally I would like to see a breakdown of top performing segments, how your newsletter list is broken down by segment, which segments generate the highest revenue, click rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate, engagement rate etc.

I use a system called nosto which has a really great segmentation insights section and breaks down your whole audience showing how all of your segments fit into all of your customers as a whole.

It makes it really easy to see which groups of customers to prioritise, which ones might need nurturing etc.

Is there anything that already does this within Klaviyo? I don’t want to export and shuffle this data around, I would like it to be a live dashboard that always stays up to date. With new customers signing up constantly, an export showing a snapshot of the exact moment you export isn’t much use, as it will become out of date the second you export it.


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Hello @Brittany Jarman,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

At present, Klaviyo does not offer as in-depth of a reporting capability that you described. However, Klaviyo does offer some highly customizable dashboards you can build. To learn more on this, I would recommend taking a look at some of our Help Center articles I linked below:

Glad to hear you’re using Nosto! They’re actually an elite tech partner with Klaviyo and have developed their own integration to be connected with Klaviyo. You can check out their integration doc here.

I would also suggest taking a look at Klaviyo’s integration directory to find if other tools/apps offer the capabilities you’re interested in. 

Instead of manually exporting the data, you could also export the data using our API. In my experience, others have used this method to develop their own dashboards externally. A benefit to this method is that the dashboards created would oftentimes be as up to date as possible - based on how often your API calls are being made. You can find more details on how to export data using API from the Export data from Klaviyo Developer Guide from our Developer Portal

We also offer an extensive network of Klaviyo Partners that can help in developing and creating these dashboards as well! 

I hope this helps!