Started checkout and active on site metrics dont seem to work?

  • 19 January 2022
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Hi, Just trying out klaviyo for the first time. Ive followed the integration steps and tried to test with add to cart ( Nothing shows up for add to cart or for active on site, BUT.. 

Are these features only applicable to websites where you have a customer login? You dont have to log in on our website, so does this mean these features cant apply to us? I assume its not like klaviyo can pick up any new email, and that the email has to be in some sort of database in order for these triggers to fire. Am I on the right lines? 

If thats not the case, well then I cant figure out why these arent working, because Ive followed the troubleshooting tips etc and just cant get them to work. 





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Hello @armedandgorgeous,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

You are certainly on the right track! As highlighted in the How to Integrate with WooCommerce Help Center article you referenced, under Data Synced into Klaviyo in order for the Active Onsite, Add to Cart, or the Viewed product event to be recorded, your site visitors first need to be cookied:

  • Added to Cart metric is created when a customer (who has previously been cookied by Klaviyo) adds an item to their cart. 
  • Active on Site metric is created when a customer (who has previously been cookied by Klaviyo) visits your site. 
  • Viewed Product metric is created when a customer (who has previously been cookied by Klaviyo) views a product in your store. 


Visitors can be cookied in a number of ways, but the most common methods include:

  • Subscribing through a signup form
  • Abandoning the checkout process having after moved onto the next checkout step
  • Completing a purchase
  • Returning to your site from an email

Keep in mind that events will only be tracked since the visitor has been cookied and would not retroactively record events prior to the visitor being cookied. To learn more about cookies and how Klaviyo is able to identify users, I would suggest taking a look at our About Cookies in Klaviyo and Guide to Klaviyo Web Tracking Help Center articles for more details! This topic has also been brought up several times within the Community and I think it may be helpful to review them too to gain a better understanding of Klaviyo’s web tracking and cookies. I’ve included some below:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David!