T-Online Bounces in 2023

  • 22 February 2023
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Hi Klaviyo-Team,

new year, same problem: Klaviyo still can’t send campaigns and flows to the provider t-online, one of the biggest providers in DACH (german speaking countries).

I checked all existing threads with this problem and the answers by Klaviyo are all the same: “We are working on it. Check thread Example A , Example B or Example C for updates.” Since this answers are coming for over a year now it doesn’t really feel like Klaviyo is working on this to be honest.

Furthermore getting a dedicated IP is only possible for big accounts and even an account with 500.000 campaign mailings + nearly the same amount of mails via flows doesn’t get an IP.

Right now we are implementing Emarsys for our new customers because we can’t recommend Klaviyo in DACH anymore without being worried of bounces at providers such as t-online and who knows who comes next.

We had very high ambitions when we started working with Klaviyo but right now Emarsys and other solutions seems to be much better for all companies in german-speaking countries.

So PLEASE don’t post another standard answer but tell the truth: Is Klaviyo working on a solution? And when will it be ready?



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Hello @Simsen 

Shareen from the D&C team here chiming in. I do apologize for this inconvenience and understand how difficult this situation is. As an email service provider, we are actively working with T-Online to establish a positive solution for senders. Many of the struggles towards a solution have been with T-Online’s heightened requirements from senders.

These new requirements include:

  • Using a dedicated sending IP and keeping it warm
  • Enabling double opt-in
  • Your Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Reverse DNS (rDNS; i.e., your domain for dedicated IP), and your sender email domains must all align

These requirements are established by T-Online and these circumstances are faced by many in the industry. At this time there hasn’t been any further updates we can share. We’ll be sure to provide a more equitable solution when it becomes available.

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Hi Shareen,


thanks for your feedback.


It’s pretty hard to understand that Klaviyo is not able to solve this significant problems for over a year now and leaving customers alone. And that, like I said, brings me in the situation, that I can’t recommend Klaviyo to any of our customers in countries where the provider t-online is relevant.


To your last paragraph: I disagree with the statement, that many in the industry are facing the circumstances. In my experience Klaviyo is the only one having this problem with t-online. We never had this problems with Emarsys, GetResponse, SendInBlue, CleverReach and so on.


You didn’t mention any roadmap for this problem, so I guess we have to deal with this topic next year also. We will count this in for our strategic positioning in the future.


All in all I really like the idea of Klaviyo, the possibilities and the usability, but with this issue you make it nearly impossible for agencies like us to recommend your tool to customers.

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Hello @Simsen,

Thank you for sharing your candid feedback surrounding this behavior. 

I’m unsure of how these other ESPs you’ve mentioned operate. However, one of the biggest challenges to this issue is the alignment on T-Online’s inboxing requirements. Particularly the requirement of using a dedicated sending IP

Although we don’t have a roadmap we can share on this subject, I know that our wonderful Deliverability and Compliance team has been in constant contact with the postmaster of T-Online directly to discuss a solution going forward. But as @Shareen mentioned, we’ll be sure to share any news we hear surrounding a viable solution. Until then we’ll close this thread.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!