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  • 12 November 2021
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Hi @superoelk , @Roland@Fliegenglas@FIRE-FOOD@flonomao what are you doing as a solution / as a work around? What can we do to surface our need for change to both klaviyo and t-online?

We are stuck with manual labor. The team is repairing not performing.

klaviyo says: “Get a dedicated IP or wait.”

note: As a general baseline, you should send at least 50,000 emails per month at least twice per month (for 100,000 emails total) in order to warm up your IP.

t-online postmaster says: “Send me klaviyos sender and I clear them.”


Klavyio aims to be part of CSA, deliverbility expert @francis.baker says even though in his own words “T-Online is currently not listed as a member of CSA” and “We currently have no evidence, that it will assist with making inbox placement at T-Online easier.”

I am happy for any helpful information or work around or anything towards solution.


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7 replies

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Hey there,

I have to agree with @Roland:

It’s really frustrating that there is no proper roadmap to fix this issue.

You were even in direct contact with T-Online and did not find a solution together for your customers.

Don’t get me wrong, Klaviyo is probably the best e-mail marketing tool on the market currently, but this is really forcing us to look for alternatives.

We want to stay with Klaviyo! Help us!


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Hi @flonomao

Thank you for the feedback. The workarounds that were recommended above may mitigate some of the challenges you have faced. With regard to any updates to this matter, the infrastructure remains the same on the t-online side, which also means that we are unable to further improve this experience on our end. I do apologize for this inconvenience and understand how frustrating it can be to have to navigate workarounds. With that said, I will be closing this thread as there are no updates to share. If there are any updates on this topic I will be sure to reopen the thread and tag you so you are notified. 



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Hello to all,

yes, the issue is very frustrating. 
Above all, I couldn't tell from @francis.baker reply whether Kalviyo's participation in CSA solves the problem.

With the sentence:
"We currently have no evidence that it will assist with making inbox placement at T-Online easier."

Klaviyo makes it clear that they don't actually know if it will solve the problem. They hope it will get better when they join the CSA. 
To me, that doesn't make sense. The answer to a problem is to do something that I don't know if it will be fixed afterwards.

We set up a dedicated sending domain about 3 months ago (Settings --> Domain and Hosting) and were careful to target only an enganged audience at the beginning.

What is noticeable is that the one or other mail arrives at t-online. I would say about 10%.

We don't have anything better yet.



P.S.: Maybe someone else has a better solution.

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I asked t-online customers for a replacement of their t-online mail address. I swapped the mail address in their shopify profile.

Changing a shopify profile email address results in two klaviyo profiles. One with the full client history, one without any history.

I tried merging the profiles. But the t-online profile does not disappear. Not sure, what to do.

Anyone a step ahead?

@francis.baker could you forward this issue to a colleague to fix this bug?

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Hello to all,

@chris141331  actually, we are currently doing nothing - so we have somehow given up on that topic.

We ask our customers to use other e-mail-adresses and hope that there will be some solution from Klaviyo some day. Or we will eventually leave Klaviyo and change to another newsletter system.

But I’m always here to push the topic. ;-)

Best regards,


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@superoelk be aware that changing email addresses in klaviyo may be better than doing so in shopify, since changing the shopify profile email address will create a new klaviyo profile.

If you choose to change email addresses in klaviyo and want the shopify profile to change, you need to activate the synching -

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Thank you for working together to share your experiences to learn from one another, that’s what our community is all about! I have also confirmed with our Deliverability and Compliance team that we do not have any further updates on the matter. I have included the response from a previous thread below as well:

francis.baker wrote:

Hey everyone! 


My name is Francis, I am a Deliverability and Compliance technical specialist here at Klaviyo. I wanted to follow-up on this thread and provide some more information. 

Klaviyo is actively looking into joining CSA. The CSA application is extensive, and before we can meet all the standards and requirements, they have we need to do some technical changes. We are actively working on these technical changes, as well as working with CSA.

T-Online is currently not listed as a member of CSA, so yes, the CSA Certification has great benefit. We currently have no evidence, that it will assist with making inbox placement at T-Online easier. Here is a list of all ESP’s and MBP’s that currently take advantage of the CSA Certificate.

We understand, how difficult this situation is, and we are all feeling it in the industry. Klaviyo is actively working on ways to make this better and smoother. Deliverability has always been a top priority and will continue to be.