Total Revenue displayed in the Performance Dashboard in Klaviyo does not match google analytics

  • 22 April 2022
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I’m talking about total revenue. Not revenue from email marketing. When we look at total revenue in the Klaviyo dashboard for the last 30 days, it doesn’t match what google analytics has for total revenue. Theirs is about 10% lower. Could it be tax? 


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4 replies

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Hi @lealynpapapya, welcome to the community!

Total revenue from Klaviyo not matching with Google Analytics could be a variety reasons.  It depends on how you setup revenue to be recognized in GA.  As you mentioned tax/vat could be part of it, but also certain ways you may have implemented discounting as well as shipping, returns/cancellations/refunds or adjustments to pricing. 

My experience is most of it is refunds unless you import/upload to Google Analytics refund amounts on a periodic basis.

Curious to hear from others that might suggest other reasons for the difference in revenue amounts.

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Hey @lealynpapapya 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

@retention hit the nail on the head! There are a number of factors that could explain the discrepancy you are seeing. Hope I can provide some additional insight!

Klaviyo tracks revenue differently from Google Analytics with different attribution models, so it is definitely possible to see discrepancies between revenue in Klaviyo and revenue in Google Analytics. As was mentioned before its hard to say depending on how your have your GA revenue set up. However, in Klaviyo, Total Revenue is defined as the sum of all values recorded by each Placed Order event. This implies that the amount of total revenue in Klaviyo does not factor any cancelled order value or refunded order value into its total revenue calculation. If you look inside the Metrics page located in the left nav bar, you'll see that Placed Order, Cancelled Order, and Refunded Order are all separate metrics. Because we're only factoring in the values recorded by the Placed Order metric and not Cancelled Order or Refunded Order metrics, the amount of Total Revenue will be higher than what's reported. It is also possible that the discrepancy comes from the fact that Total Revenue in Klaviyo does factor in the discount price, shipping price, and tax prices of orders.

Hope this helps, and thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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THAnks!! You said: 

Klaviyo DOES factor in the discount price, shipping price, and tax prices of orders????

Are you saying Klaviyo does and GA doesn’t?  Are you saying Klaviyo shows gross rev and GA shows net? 

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Hey @lealynpapapya 

I am not saying that GA doesn’t include all of those factors. It depends on how you have the reporting setup in GA and can vary slightly from one account to another. But yes you can think of Klaviyo as gross revenue.