Total Revenue from Email campaign not matching google analytics (off by 97%)

  • 14 July 2022
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Hi Klaviyo peeps,

My revenue for a cart abandonment email comes in at $33900 on Klaviyo, but only $1656 on Google Analytics. 

Any ideas why the discrepancy is so large? And which number is closer to accurate!? 


Thank you in Advance!



Best answer by Bobi N. 15 July 2022, 06:42

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I may be wrong but in my understanding they will always be different because they calculate attribution differently.

Google Analytics is attributing revenue to email only if you open, click email and you buy in that same time when you clicked on the email while u still have the Klaviyo UTM codes.

Klaviyo is attributing revenue in a different way. If you open an email you don’t need to immediately buy, but if you open it and then buy in the next 5 days this will be attributed as revenue that happened because of the email that you opened previously. 

At the end just to mention that this make sense and both are kind of right. If I open email today no one can confirm for sure if tomorrow i will buy because of the email or because I wanted to anyway. But because Google Analytics doesn’t have the info of who opened what email last, they just see the links. They will simply not attribute it to email revenue.

This is my understanding but again take it with suspicion because I’m not 100% sure.

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Thank you Bobi! That makes a lot of sense, although I will stay suspicious. In those instances I would say Klaviyo is more accurate, being that they probably used the discount coupon in the email. 

I also heard that the new apple updates may have something to do with the numbers being off? Is that possible? 



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Yes it may have, because Klaviyo automatically counts all Apple users who updated their phone to new rules (to not be able to be tracked what they are doing on them) as openers, so basically if any of those apple users buy in the 5 day period after receiving the email they will count toward the email because all of them are automatic opens.
This was the info that I had last about this, and probably nothing changed but I’m not sure about it since this is from few months ago

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May I add to this. I notice this on daily basis. The campaign started today but Klaviyo and GA are way off. By almost 50%. I have a feeling it has to do with cookies and permisions.