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  • 15 April 2021
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hi, I have a transactional email setup for the order confirmation. It has been working ok but lately more and more people are telling me that they have not received the email at all (checked spam folders and all) or they got it in their spam folder. Is there a way that I’m 100% sure that they receive the email please?



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Hi @stevecachia,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community! Happy to provide as much insight as possible.

First, let’s address the issue of folks not receiving the email at all. The first place I would check is the Flow Analytics. After you click on the flow email, in the left-hand panel, you will see an Analytics (Last 30 Days) section. Here, you will see a line for skipped activity. If you click on this line, you will be taken to the email's Recipient Activity tab with the Skipped section automatically popped open. Here, you can see why individuals may have been skipped at send time for the flow email.


The Skipped dropdown will show you exactly who has been skipped by the flow and why. Most commonly, this is because of Smart Sending, (see the fix for that here) but there could potentially be other reasons like failing a Flow Filter on your order confirmation flow. There are a variety of possible skipped reasons. I recommend having a look over the full list of those here. Depending on the skipped reason, you may be able to re-send the email manually from the skipped tab. 


In terms of emails hitting the spam folder, I recommend looking at my reply for this issue in a previous Community post here. I would check this out first.

Additionally, email can end up in spam if you are sending emails from a free mailbox provider like,, If you are doing so, you’ll have to update your account's default from address, navigate to Account > Contact Information > Organization and update your Default From / Reply-To address. You can set up a forwarding address if you don't already have a business email associated with your domain. For example, if your default From Address is a Gmail address, you can set up an alias to have emails forwarded from your public From Address to your personal inbox.

Also, making this change from a free mailbox provider to your company domain will not automatically update the domain used in your flow emails, so I would double-check that your flow email is also using your company domain and not a free one.


This is all to say there are many reasons why an email may not be received by an individual and/or why it may be ending up in the spam folder. We cannot prevent this from happening altogether but we’re able to provide you with insight as to why they may have been skipped in addition to strategies to mitigate the risk of the email going to spam.

Thanks and have a great weekend.


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I love the information by Dov. I’ve gone through them all myself. List cleaning, deliverability best practices, and then subject lines and content of your emails.  I’d say those are the top areas to check and set up first.  In the past, I’ve used online platforms for clients who have Gsuite or Google Workspaces emails And send out A LOT of transactional emails per day just to see how they’re being delivered. Google email accounts have limits so if you send a lot of welcome emails, order confirmations, and account registration confirmations on Google emails, it’ll be better to use service providers that allow you to send a lot more than what Google allows per day/month.   

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I will recommend have two seperate IP for email marketing

One for marketing emails and another one for transactional emails


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