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Hi Klaviyo Wizards!


I’m attempting to set up a Dedicated Sending Domain, but having issues with the final DNS record as it conflicts with another record e.g. “www” I can’t delete this record since it’s important  - it serves as a redirect from a previous/old Shopify store.


How can I solve? Is there a workaround? HELP!

Additional context: the domain is registered via Godaddy


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Hello @cactusrd,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it would be helpful for myself and other Community members if you could provide more context.

Oftentimes, there shouldn’t be any conflicts in your records when applying the Klaviyo CNAME records. In my experience, you’ll notice this sort of conflict if you’ve set your sending subdomain as one that is already in use. 

Did you happen to designate “www” as a sending subdomain when setting up your dedicated sending domain in Klaviyo? Since it sounds like you’re already using “www” for other purposes, you’ll want to use a different sending subdomain. 

As mentioned in both our How to set up a dedicated sending domain and Understanding what a dedicated sending subdomain is Help Center articles, we suggest using “send” as it’s typically unused by other services. 

It's important to note that the dedicated sending domain must have a unique, unused subdomain so not to interfere with any external email configurations on your root domain.

If you haven’t verified your dedicated domain setup yet, you can cancel the setup under Settings > Email > Domains. Doing so would allow you to cancel the existing instance and allow you to go through the setup process for a dedicated sending domain again - which includes choosing a new sending subdomain. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank you for your help, this issue has been resolved! 


My colleague started the Dedicated Domain process prior to my knowledge which is why I didn’t know I could adjust DNS records. I was able to end the current process and restart it again so there were no DNS conflicts.