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  • 18 March 2023
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Extremely new to this, please excuse the dumb question, I have read the instructions on how to set up a dedicated sending domain. My question is, when I go into my domain provider to update the DNS records, am I adding new CNAME records and TXT record to the list of existing ones already there, or replacing the ones listed with the new ones from Klaviyo? I imagine I am probably supposed to add new ones but I have no idea what any of this is so I wanted to check first before I screw something up.


Second question, I am setting up a brand new store & website through Wix (not even live yet) and setting up my email marketing. I have no site clicks, no emails sent yet, or anything whatsoever. My domain has been registered for a little over a month but not live on the web yet. Do I follow the standard warming or platform warming process??

Thank you!!


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Hello @jwalker,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and Klaviyo!

You’re definitely on the right track. When setting up a new dedicated sending domain, you’ll want to add the new CNAME and TXT records to your DNS backend. In small instances, depending on your DNS provider, you may need to replace existing records if you’ve reached their support limit. But in my experience, there’s typically enough support to simply add new records instead of replacing. 

Being in the mindset to warm your domain right as you’re getting started is a great one to have! I typically suggest focusing your efforts in gaining subscribers in the first 30-days and then start warming after the 30-days period. That said, you’ll also want to have your highly engaged flows live from the start such as your:

  • Welcome Series
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • Transactional 

Having these flows live is how you’ll build momentum and gather engagement data from your subscribers during the first 30-days prior to warming. 

I hope this helps!


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Hey @jwalker 

Great inputs shared by @David To

  1. To your first question - you have to add new DNS records in your hosting provider zone editor shared by Klaviyo. But, you really have to make sure no two similar records conflict with each other. Sometimes, things get messy and complicated when records are modified. For e.g. when you’re adding a spf record, instead of having multiple spf records, it’s better to have a single (flatten) spf record with ‘include’ statement and not exceeding more than 10 lookups.
  2. To your 2nd question - I’d agree with @David To thoughts. Strategic beginnings to reputation building for better email deliverability plays a crucial role. If you’re starting out, initiating basic flows like welcome onboarding, abandoned cart, abandoned browse, etc. will be helpful. When your website goes live and start to drive traffic to your website / landing pages, make sure your email capture/sign up forms are protected and implement a double optin to build a quality email list.

Any further questions Jessica, let me know. Happy to hop on a call and talk about further.






I am hosted on AWS and have an issue with the last one of the list - the TXT record.


Since we already have a TXT record, it’s not allowing me to add anther one. What do I do?