Verify DNS records for a domain hosted in SiteGround

  • 29 December 2023
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Hi all!

Let me point out that I am tech-savvy but not a professional.

I'm in the process of setting up the DNSs of my domain (hosted in SiteGround) in order to send emails with Klaviyo. I went to create the verification TXT record and all went fine.

The issue is with the NS records: in SiteGround there isn’t the option to create them in the DNS editor. I then contacted SiteGround help centre that told me that NameServer records cannot be edited unless I’m moving my hosting somewhere else, nor it is possible to edit them on a subdomain level. They ended up referring me to Klaviyo for alternative solutions.

After looking further into the documentation, I opted for the static routing because it doesn’t require NS records, and it is working fine.

However, I’d be inclined to prefer the dynamic routing (mainly because suggested by Klaviyo itself).

I even tried to create CNAME record with the NS parameters, but obviously to no avail.

Is there anyone with an idea on how to work this round?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!


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Hi @federico.vitale,

Welcome to the Community! 

Definitely sounds like you have thoroughly exhausted all options from the SiteGround level. I’m happy to hear that the static routing is working well for you, though! 

Even though Klaviyo recommends selecting the Dynamic routing option to best optimize your sending performance, some DNS providers do not support NS records - as you found out with SiteGround. In these cases, you must use the Static routing option as there is not currently an alternative. Even though the Support rep you spoke to might have suggested checking with the Klaviyo side of things, the limitation exists on the DNS side, not Klaviyo, I’m afraid. 

Past recommending alternative hosting providers that I know are compatible with dynamic routing, like GoDaddy, I’m not sure that achieving dynamic routing on SiteGround would be possible given the platform’s current limitations with NS records. 

I would be super curious if any other Community member did have any other suggestions!


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski