What Email Validation Services does Klaviyo intergrate

  • 15 June 2021
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Can you give me a list of the validator that can intergrate with klaviyo pls thank you!


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Hello @ngoctrung,

At this time Klaviyo does not have an in-house built direct integration with any apps or tools that can assist in validating one’s email address. This however, does not mean other third party validator apps/tools have not built their own custom integration with Klaviyo. I would recommend investigating directly on the validator app’s website and help centers to see if they have developed their own connection to Klaviyo. 

Alternatively, if not, you can also create your own custom integration of this tool to Klaviyo by leveraging Klaviyo’s API. You can learn more about how to create this custom connection from the following articles:

Furthermore, the best method to valid an email would be utilizing double opt-in. Double opt-in is a process through which a new subscriber must confirm their subscription before being subscribed to a given list, via email or SMS. This process ensures customers are using a valid or accurate email addresses and phone numbers as well as assists in minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails and phone numbers. This process and benefits of it are highlighted in more details in the Guide to The Double Opt-In Process article.

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It appears that Klaviyo does have some built in validation, at least when integrating into Shopify. Currently, our Klaviyo form on Shopify is rejecting .agency email addresses using a validation below in form-klaviyo.liquid. Would be nice to adjust this since there are so many domain extensions now. 

mod_validation: 'validateEmail' -%}


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hello  I am looking into ways by which we can avoid existing customers in the Klaviyo db updating their preferences via a preference form but using a wrong email therefore creating a new profile and not updating existing profile.  The above mentions the use of a custom form and using the Klaviyo API.  Is this possible to use this is validate a persons email by custom building a preference form and if so which API is appropriate: would it be IDENTIFY or GET PROFILE?  Assistance appreciated to know if this is possible thank you.

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Hello @prym,

I would recommend double checking to see if that form-klaviyo.liquid file is being created from a different integration or custom source/extension as that file is not something created through the Klaviyo integration.

@SophiaDenham, when a contact received an email and is navigated to a Manage Preference or a Subscribe page, the contact’s email should be pre-filled on their behalf. In addition, when a contact updates any of the fields from the manage preference page such as their Email address, first name, last name, etc. those updates would still be applied to the existing profile and would not create a new profile/contact within Klaviyo. 

For example, if I were to receive an email at an address of and clicked on the Manage Preference option at the bottom of the email and updated my email address to; this update would now be reflected within Klaviyo and would not create a new profile under the email address. 

If you were using a custom built manage preference page within Klaviyo’s Hosted Pages function though, these pages would allow you to build your own manage preference or unsubscribe page using HTML/CSS. Because these pages are essentially blank HTML pages that has Klaviyo's unsubscribe & manage preferences functionality built-in, you can treat it as such and add apply JavaScript codes to the page. So long as the API calls you are making is utilizing a JavaScript implementation, you can build your desired function into these pages, include some sort of validator if you wish as well.


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thanks , this is great info and makes sense.

Can you confirm, if we implement the built in preferences form and we hyperlinked this from the customers account page (i.e. I am not referring to launching this from an email), and if we can’t pass the email to the form (so the customer needs to enter it) and the they entered a different email than what is associated to their Klaviyo account - what would happen?

For example, if I were to receive an email at an address of and clicked on the Manage Preference option at the bottom of the email and updated my email address to; this update would now be reflected within Klaviyo and would not create a new profile under the email address. 


Do you mean that the customers profile in Klaviyo is updated with the new email address they enter?

If I understand correctly the Unsubscribe button in the footer of a mail is directly linked to customers profile and any changes they make will update their profile.

I am interested in the behaviour of the preferences form when it is not launched from an email, it is not already associated to a profile, and how to validate the email entry the customer makes.  And if this is possible using Klaviyos sign up forms or whether we need to custom build one to achieve this.

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Hey @SophiaDenham,

That’s a great question!

You would not actually be able to hyperlink the Manage Preference Pages or the Unsubscribe page outside of emails. To access these pages, recipients would need to gain access to them from within an existing email that was sent to them. This is because these pages are dynamic and taken into account the email and recipient type to create these specific unique URL used to access these pages. 

However, if you wish to create your own custom Manage Preference page that can be access through a general link, I would suggest custom building your own signup form and hosting it on your own website which can make use of the various Klaviyo APIs to update the existing profile properties of contacts that fill in the form. By default Klaviyo’s APIs will use the email address as the unique identifier to identify existing profiles and apply any new updates and changes to these contacts. Therefore, from this custom form, if a contact does enter an incorrect email address, this would cause a new profile to be created within your Klaviyo account. 

Which I would assume is where your desired “validation” comes in. As highlighted, because you would be using a custom form,  you can program and apply any additional functions to this custom form that the default Klaviyo forms would not be able to provide. To learn more about building your own custom forms, I would suggest taking a look at the following Klaviyo Help Center Article:

Have a great day!