What is the best strategy to follow once a profile adds to cart but doesn't purchase?

  • 29 March 2024
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Hello! My name is Lara Khoury and I’m new here, trying to figure out the best way to utilize this amazing tool Klaviyo!
I have a question regarding strategy.
I’ve just sent my 3rd campaign yesterday afternoon, and while reviewing the deliverability of this campaign this morning I noticed a particular profile who has never purchased. She has viewed and added to cart around 4 products. But didn’t go through with the purchase. 
What would be the best way to proceed in that case, knowing that the abandoned cart flow is live and she must’ve received them. 
I’m open to sending her a discount code, but im just not sure how to do it and when.
Would love some insights on this.

Thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @Lara Khoury,

Thanks for your question! I can offer a suggestion for profiles moving forward, but to target this customer you would have to do it manually - which might be a good test (??).

For our abandoned checkout flow, we have a conditional split based on whether they have ordered before or not:


For subscibers who go down the Yes path, we offer them a discount code for 10% off their order. You could also add conditional splits based on their cart total, and offer a larger discount for larger carts.

For this particular customer, since she has already been through the flow, you would have to design the email and send it to her manually; OR wait until she qualifies for the flow again - our trigger allows them to enter the flow every 30 days.

This is just one idea, I’m sure there are lots of other ways to approach this. Hope this gives you some help!

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@JessFosnough, that’s a wonderful idea! I love the idea of a conditional split of the flow with an offer! 

@Lara Khoury another approach could be to create a segment based on this particular profile, I am sure you have other customers who share similar behavior. For example, segment customers who added products to cart, has been through the abandoned cart flow but yet to make a purchase. You could then target this group with a single campaign including an offer or create a specific flow for them. Check out this article for examples of how to create customer engagement segments and ideas on how to engage with these customers. Hope this helps as well. 



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Hi @Lara Khoury, welcome to the community!

It sounds like you're still at the beginning of your ecommerce/klaviyo journey. It's been a while for me but reading through your question brought me back to the start when I started realizing all the options and possibilities around creating customer journeys.

What you'll discover that no matter what people will not always buy - and that's perfectly ok.

I would like to give a couple of tips I wish I would have gotten back when I started:

  1. Not everyone will convert - even with discounts!
  2. Discounts cut into your margins - you'll notice they will work wonders when handing them out but running a business where you give away your profits is not a good strategy unless you've factored in the discounts and removed other acquisition costs
  3. Try to learn as much as possible (from your customers)- instead of a discount - add an email to the cart abandonment flow where you send them to a form with some open questions. You can always choose to give a discount still.
  4. Have the basic flows live - those are:
    1. A popup & new subscriber flow
    2. Checkout (cart) abandonment flow
    3. Browse abandonment flow
      If you want to go further: 
    4. Added to cart abandonment flow
    5. Site activity (active on site) flow
    6. Failure to launch flow (people who signed up but didn't purchase after x weeks)
    7. New Customer Thank you - welcome them to your brand and thank them
  5. Attribution - it's not as black and white as you'd think - Klaviyo has it's own revenue reporting setup - understand how it works and how to use this to your advantage
  6. Flows and campaigns need each other - campaigns help flows to work better
  7. It all starts with list growth - adding people to your mailing list
  8. Relevancy trumps all - as point 3 mentions - learn from your customers - ask open questions - call them - know what their goals are what their desires and outcomes are and create journeys around the goals of your best customers!

Now for how to setup abandoned carts and other flows - I would suggest reading through all the Klaviyo documentation and help materials - a lot is covered here.



Good luck!


Omar Lovert // Polaris Growth // Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner

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Hi @Lara Khoury! Glad to see you here in the community, and this is a great question to consider as you develop your email marketing strategies. 


I affirm the recommendations given to you by @JessFosnough @Bethany D. and @Omar.


Here’s my quick suggestion: Before you build a flow targeting this specific group of customers that are similar to the example profile you mentioned, use a campaign email as a small test. 


Lately I’ve been trying a new strategy for my clients where we’ll lean into leveraging customer reviews as a method of persuading prospects to take the leap and place their first order. Many of my clients have a zero-discount policy, and we’ve seen promising results here by leveraging the social proof of reviews from existing customers.


Sometimes, the uncertainty of whether or not the product will live up to expectations, or last/ stay high quality for months after the purchase, or similar concerns can be the biggest barrier for a new customer to trust your brand and make their first purchase. In which case, a discount doesn’t actually help solve the purchase problem/barrier they’re having.


Along those lines, and related to the recommendations you got from @Omar - once you get on the discount hamster wheel, you’ll find it’s very difficult to get off. If you establish a pattern of customers who only place their first order when a discount is offered, you’ll find a following pattern emerges where they don’t place a repeat order until they receive a discount offer there as well. It won’t be every customer, but it could be as much as 50% or more of your new customers who start to act this way. 


Some brands choose to adopt this strategy anyways, because they’re willing to cater to that kind of customer. There’s no wrong answer here!


However, I highly recommend you test alternatives to discounting first. Save them as a rare card to play for special occasions, like a holiday sale, or when you need to winback a customer who’s at risk of churning.


If you take my recommendation for a test campaign, there are two ways you could do this review roundup:

  1. Gather 3 reviews, each one specific to a different product. I recommend you focus on your top 3 bestsellers, so people can get a taste of why your happy customers like those products/ your brand.
  2. Gather 3 reviews, all specific to the same product. Focus on highlighting different features of the product customers say they appreciate, or a mix of product features and attributes of your brand that customers love. (Example: high quality product construction, good customer service experiences, an especially cool feature of your product, etc.)


Happy to answer any follow up questions you have!