What should my average open rate be on my new sending domain before I start sending to more people?

  • 9 August 2022
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Hey guys!

Quick question: So about 2 months back we started using a new sender’s domain. At first we sent emails to the entire list (around 60k) and got an average open rates of around 7%, Now after learning about warming up the sender’s infrastructure, we have started sending to engaged 30 day segment ONLY. Our open rates per campaign is around 20% for the last 3 days. We sent almost daily email

I want to quickly ramp up my list and start sending more people. Do I wait for the average open rate to get to around 20%, and then slowly ramp up? 



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3 replies

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Hi there @Invictus33


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Glad to hear you invested in a dedicated sending domain! Typically, it’s recommended to aim for 30% in open rates and then after you can expand your sending and the subsequent sends should strive for 20%+ open rates. It should be noted that if you haven’t turned on your high engagement flows, i.e. your welcome series, abandoned cart, and browse abandonment, it’s ok to have those running as well! 


Finally, I’d recommend reading our helpful documentation on warming your sending infrastructure and these other Community topics on the process to gain more insight! 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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Thank you for the reply @Taylor Tarpley :)

so right now I’m sending daily emails with open rates close to 35%. My average open rate (which i think is based on last 30 days campaign) is around 8.89%. Should i wait for average open rate to rise up to 20% before including more people, or should I start increasing people now?

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Hi @Invictus33


Yes, you should wait for the average to be 30%. I would check out our warming guides as you could gain a lot more insight into the process and why. Additionally, I’d consider spacing out your sending, I wonder if your high frequency of sending could be contributing to your lower average rates at the moment. 


Hope that helps!