Why are Emails to mac accounts bouncing?

  • 22 October 2021
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My personal email is a mac account. I subscribed to my list and was able to successfully send a preview email to my mac address. This happened twice and now all emails are bouncing. Not in junk/spam folders, just flat out bouncing. I had my husband check his mac address and same thing, all emails are bouncing. Does anyone know why this is happening, or more importantly how I can fix it? I can’t unsubscribe and start over as I am not receiving the emails.

Both mac addresses were migrated over from a previous Shopify list. I would think that’s it, however I was able to receive two preview emails just fine. I made sure the sender email address (which I receive emails from just fine) was added to contacts. Are email addressesv using compatible with Klaviyo? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the Community! We are so happy to have you here! 


Yes, addresses are compatible with Klaviyo. Do you mind sharing the frequency that you sent your emails? A "bounce" occurs when an email is either not successfully delivered or is rejected by the recipient's email provider. There are many reasons why emails can bounce in Klaviyo, however, if you sent multiple emails to your address within a small time frame, it is possible that the inbox provider marker the sender as spam and has since blocked further emails from being sent. 


Knowing the reasons behind the bounced emails is important in order to solve the problem behind the bounces. You can follow the steps linked here to view hard bounce and soft bounce metrics.  Doing this will help you understand  why it is happening so you can customize a solution that will address this problem!


Finally, I’d suggest checking out these other posts by fellow community members with similar bouncing issues to gain further insight! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 


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Thank you - it’s a brand new account, I had only sent preview emails to my personal mac account. I deleted my profile last night and resubscribed successfully today and the welcome email showed up in my inbox immediately. I guess it worked itself out!



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Happy to hear this has been resolved for you! If your account is brand new, I would recommend Warming Your Sending Infrastructure as well to ensure you reach your subscribers as a reputable sender. This involves the following: 

  1. Turn on high engagement flows
  2. Migrate your engagement data over from your previous email service provider
  3. Begin sending campaigns to engaged segments
  4. Monitor your performance

Have a great weekend!