Why are my welcome & abandon cart emails going to SPAM?

  • 2 September 2022
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I’ve been working with a new client for the past 3 months. 

They were sending Welcome & Abandon Emails prior to my onboarding for 1-2 months. No campaigns were being sent. Their list was less than 1000 subs.

We since updated the hosting records for a dedicated sending domain. We have not been able to get the emails out of SPAM, even if we are just using the Welcome Flow and Abandon Checkout emails.

Although traffic is small, open rates vary week to week from 0% to 20% on these flows.

We have begun sending weekly campaigns to engaged customers of about 100 (and growin) for the past month and are getting 30-40%+ open rates. But it is not translating to deliverability for new subs into the flows.

Can anyone provide any advice? Really at a loss with how we can turn this around for the client right now as we cannot capture revenue from these flows.



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Hi @yoghan9


Welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear your client has been experiencing these open rate issues, would love to help!


It is definitely abnormal for your high engagement flows such as Abandon Cart Flow and Welcome flow to have such low open rates over your campaigns, but have no fear! We have some really helpful documentation on improving flow open rates that I think would be really insightful in your client’s situation and hopefully increase their flow revenue. 


Specifically, I’d ensure you’re following these key strategies to increase flow open rates::

  • Target your flow message
  • Optimize subject lines
  • A/B test your flow emails and branches
  • Choose the best send time, delays, and message frequency


Additionally, I’d also investigate if your emails are being clipped in Gmail


Finally, here are some helpful Community threads that I’d suggest checking out to gain additional insight! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!