Why is there a discrepency in btw my opened email metric & number of downloads?

  • 21 March 2023
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Hello everyone,

I am somewhat new to Klaviyo, after hiring an agency and having them really drop the ball I’ve realized it’s just better to learn everything and run it in house haha.

I am still warming up my account and I’m at around 50% complete. I sent an email blast to a segmented part of our list who is highly engaged. Around 2000 people.

We released a free digital product exclusively to our email list. We didn’t send the link or post it ANYWHERE else. Since sending the blast out We’ve had around 30 downloads of the product and around 10 responses to the email. (We asked people to respond for a discount code)

Yet Kaviyo is saying only 10% of people opened, only 2 people active on the site, and 0 people clicked the link which isn’t possible.

Why might this be happening? Events are tracking from my wordpress fine. I enabled tracking links for the campaign. Seen this with a few other campaigns as well.

Any help is appreciated! I definitely need accurate data during this important period of warming up my account.




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2 replies

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Hi @Sceam, welcome to the community.

A few things could be happening - as I have worked with digital download scenarios, the the most likely issues are:

  • Email Open Tracking is not perfect - users now have access to cookie/ad blockers, VPNs, and other tools to not be tracked.  Most corporate emails have image blockers on by default due to IT’s aversion to phishing and security risks.
  • People share/forward emails - especially if your download link is not protected by a login or password.
  • Your downloads may not be unique?  One person may inadvertently (or intentionally) download multiple times.  I’ve seen people download on different devices, click on the download link more than once because they couldn’t find the file, etc.
  • People share or open on different devices.  The modern consumer now has access to at least 2 or more devices (phone, computer, tablet, work computer, spouse/partner computer, etc).
  • Time - the data in the Campaign monitor does batch and summarize so I usually don’t confirm the data until 24-48 hours.  

However, looking at the data, a few observations:

  • 10.2% Open in your case is 196 people, so 30 downloads (of those that opened) and 10 response seem reasonable or inline with my expectations.  Obviously this ratio is determinate on your audience quality -  I’m not sure what the ratio would be - I can imagine some people opened and didn’t need/want the download. 
  • The quality of your List - where did you get these subscribers, how long ago did they subscribe? What promises or expectations did they have when they subscribe?  How compelling is your download or offer?  I think these are all factors to the conversion rate.
  • I would segment down further if your open rate stays in the low teens, try to shoot for 25% or more while you are warming up your account.

I hope this helps, but I’m curious what others think here!


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Hi @Sceam


Welcome to the Community, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 


@retention has provided some amazing thoughts and questions that might be able to explain your situation more! 


For more resources, I would check out some of our deliverability resources to make sure you’re sending to highly engaged members for now and get your open rate higher, especially since you’re still warming you account! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!