Why the sender email address is different from domain name?

  • 10 March 2022
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I set up my dedicated domain, but why my emails are not sent from the domain name, but from Default sender email address. What should I do to keep them the same?


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4 replies

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Hello @Charlene,

If you’re using a default sending address that is using a domain different than what you have set up for as your dedicated domain, you’ll want to update this. After setting up a dedicated sending domain, you will have to manually update the sending domain address within all existing emails such as within your flows if you were using a different domain for your sending address than the dedicated one. Updating your default sending address within your account will only automatically be applied to all new emails you create. You can find more details on how to update your sending address from the How to Change the Sender Email Address Help Center article.

Since it sounds like you’re just starting out with a dedicated sending domain, I would suggest taking a look at some of our helpful resources below on this! I would also highly suggest following our Help Center article I linked below on how to warm your dedicated domain to building a positive sending reputation. You can also find some additional support and details on using a dedicated sending domain under our Deliverability section in the Community! 

I hope this helps!


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Well, that’s odd. It looks like I have the settings correct, but the email is still sending from my personal name with the business reply-to address. I must have missed a step?


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Hey @Kwei,

You may want to double check what your sender name is set for within your sending address’ backend in your email service provider. In my experience, if there is a disconnect between what you have set in an ESP versus your email service providers, a lot of inbox providers will default to your email service provider’s as that is the “root” of your sending information. 


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Like gmail for example?