2+ purchase flow help, customised by item.

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi guys, 


I’m setting up a product-specific flow  for people  that have purchased  twice, and am getting a bit confused with the filters. I would like to send a different email depending on whether the customer  has purchased the same item for a second time, or has purchased a  different item for their second order (as shown in the screenshot). Does the conditional split include the current order? So if it says “Has not  had checkout success zero times” does this refer to before they started the flow, so this wiould be their second order, or shhould it  read ““Has had more than one checkout success”. How best should I set this up!






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7 replies

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Hi @brewcrew thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community! 


The way I read your screenshot above, if the name of the product in the cart was Eterno, they go down the yes spit, and then if they have never bought Eterno before, they go down the yes split - if they have bought it before, they go down the no split, so it looks to be set up correctly.

When you create a conditional split, you have the option of an action “over all time” which means before going into the current flow or at any time during the flow, and “since starting this flow” which means they took the action after the trigger to start the flow. 

If you’re interested in more information, Klaviyo has a couple of great articles

How to add a conditional split to a flow

Understanding flow branching


Good luck on setting up the rest of your flows!


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Thanks for the reply Katherine - Ok great, so if the action “is over all time”, it can be assumed that the conditional split data is taken from before the customer entered the flow? So zero purchases of “Eterno” if the order which prompted them to enter the flow was their first for “Eterno” ?

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@brewcrew Looking at your screenshot again, I realized I was incorrect. Over all time would look at actions before the user entered the flow AND during the flow, so if the ordered that prompted the flow to trigger was for Eterno, they would go down the “no” split because they have ordered Eterno once over all time.


For any conditional split, flow filter, etc, Klaviyo will always check the user against all of the filters before they send the next email. 


Instead of a conditional split in this flow, I would use a trigger split, so if the order that triggered the flow was for Eterno, they will get the correct email. 

Let me know if that makes sense!

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How would I configure a trigger split to allow me to trigger the correct if someone has ordered Eterno twice over all time, or if it’s their  first order - I want the email to be different depending on if it’s their  first or second order :)


Do i Just  have to change the conditional split from zero to one? 

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Like this? 


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Hey @brewcrew 

@KatherineB was on a roll with information! Thank you so much for the collaboration! Going to jump in to help answer you question. You are correct, the way your conditional split is set up you will be able to capture who has made only 1 purchase containing Eterno and everyone who has ordered more than 1 over all time will go down the second “No” path.

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Perfect, thanks guys, great help :)