2nd time Buyer Thank you Flow

  • 30 December 2021
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Hey. I’m setting up the thank you flow with the conditional split and I wanted to know the correct way to set conditions for the 2nd time buyer.

By default, it says: People that meet the following condition(s) will move to the YES side of this split.


So to create conditions for the NO side of this split… is it as simple as clicking AND and going from there?



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Hey @reese 

The conditions you set for the split for the yes side will automatically put anyone who does not meet the condition down the no path. However, adding AND conditions will narrows down who goes down the yes path. All customers will have to meet every condition if using AND conditions. If you use OR conditions they will only have to meet one condition before moving down the yes path.

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Oh ok. So I don’t even have to set conditions for the NO path. 

Thanks for the clarification @stephen.trumble