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  • 24 June 2021
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I’ve had my abandon cart flow set up for about a month now and I have had not one sale from it. Revenue is 0. I’m thinking something is wrong with my flow. Can someone assist?


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2 replies

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First question, is there anybody getting/receiving emails from that flow? If so, how many within a 30 day period? What’s your site?


Post a screenshot to help diagnose further :)

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Hello @Breezzzy,

Adding to @Mailbox Manny’s point, if you aren’t seeing a lot of traffic through your flow, I would suggest checking to see why this is. Common reasons why your abandoned cart flow may not be seeing a lot of traffic could be that your flow filters are too restrictive or you are using a single page checkout process. 

Having flow filters are a great tool to target or restrict your flow to your desired audience, but having too many or ones that clash with one another may cause your flow to be too restrictive and either limit the number of recipients eligible for the flow or cut the flow from queueing eligible recipients off all together. For this, I would recommend using Klaviyo’s Flow Preview Trigger Setup function to ensure the flow filters you have are not coinciding with one another. 

If you have a single page checkout process, this may cause the Started Checkout event to not trigger. The Started Checkout metric is recorded when a contact adds an item to their cart, proceeds to the checkout page, enters their contact information, and submits the form to move onto the shipping options page. This action of filling in the contact information and submitting the page allows Klaviyo to cookie the browser in order to recognize the email address to trigger the Started Checkout event and assign it with the associated Klaviyo profile created from that email address. Since a single step checkout page allows contacts to fill in all their information one page, a Started Checkout event often times is not recorded until after the sale has occurred. 

This understanding of cookies also extends to if a customer adds an item to the cart, goes to the checkout page, but does not enter their contact information. Klaviyo is only able to track events going forward since a contact has been cookied and events are not retroactively recognized/recorded. In the event the contact who reaches the checkout page, but doesn’t provide their contact information or email address, but instead fully abandons the process, Klaviyo is unable to track this user and they would not trigger the Started Checkout event to queue this contact for the flow. Following up to the scenario, if the customer who abandoned the checkout then proceeds to fill out a signup form to become cookied then proceeds to go to checkout again, this contact’s profile would only read one Started Checkout event as opposed to two events. 

In the event you are getting sufficient traffic through your flow, this may indicate that your sales are just not being attributed to the abandoned cart flow and may be attributed to a separate flow you have, a campaign the contact recently opened or clicked on, or they made a purchase outside of the attribution window. Klaviyo by default has a 5-day last interaction (open or clicked) model where whichever email that was received within a 5-day window that was opened or clicked prior to a sale (placed order event) would receive the attribution for the sale. For example, if a customer received and opens the abandoned cart email, but decides not to make the purchase then but receives a campaign email the next day and opens the campaign email and then proceed to purchase; the attribution here would fall to the campaign email and not the abandoned cart email/flow. You can learn more about Klaviyo’s attribution model from the Understanding Conversion Tracking article. 

I hope this helps!