Abandon Cart - Trigger ATC - Price not showing in email (Shopify Integration)

  • 15 May 2024
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Hi There, 

Finally getting around to adding the abandon cart flow using the add to cart trigger. Trigger is working & pulling the info but the product price isnt appearing in the email, I was wondering if there is new code that needs to be used? Im using the klaviyo template for testing. Any help will be appreciated! TIA!

Code is - Price: {% currency_format event.Price|floatformat:2 %}
screen shot attached with preview and test view (have removed some info)



1 reply

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Found this thread and the information from

to copy the event name tags from the preview and test part (on the left) I replaced that over the {% currency_format event.Price|floatformat:2 %}

and everything is working! wooohoo!