Abandoned Browse vs Cart vs Checkout - Too many people were being skipped!

  • 20 February 2023
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I need help with my abandonment flows I thought they were set up properly but when I did a deep dive into the numbers I realized SO many people were being skipped for no REAL reason. Are these now set up properly? We are a TINY local business and can't skip any opportunity to email potential customers but I can't be emailing them TOO much either. 

I need there to be a different flow for the cart and checkout because I have too many people not getting to the actual checkout page past adding to the cart.

But I had to draft the Abandoned Checkout one until I was confident on them not doubling up to any one. 



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Yes you set them up correctly. I would actually suggest adding one more filter to the cart and checkout flow (Has not been in this flow in last 30 days) which may filter out more people but it is really necessary. You don’t want people who add multiple products to cart or people who start checkout multiple times in a day to trigger this flow multiple times and receive all of the emails as duplicates in short period of time.

Apart from that the rest seems fine and it is ok to have a lot of skipped emails, that means people are going to the next steps organically.

Ideally you would like to have no emails from these steps at all that would mean all the people who viewed a product also placed and order which is the final goal. You will need a post purchase - thank you flow for that but I wouldn’t worry much about those people being skipped.

So basically the Browse Abandonment flow will skip all people who add to cart (because they will be in that flow), start a checkout (because they will enter that flow) or place an order.. Then Abandoned Cart flow will skip everyone who started a checkout (because they will be in checkout flow now) or placed an order and the one in the Checkout flow will be skipped if they place an order. 
And as I mentioned above all should be skipped from any of these flows if they received that flow in the last 30 days because we don’t want to bother people with same/duplicate emails sooner than in 30 days