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  • 9 February 2022
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bei der Einstellung der email für Abgebrochene Warenkörbe.

Bekommt der Kunde nach 30min eine email , wenn der Kunde auf de erste email reagiert und was kauft . bekommt dann diese Kunde eine weiter email von mir ?? oder bekommt er keine Email mehr wenn er schon auf die erste Email was gekauft hat ?


ich habe dann eine weiter email eingerichtet wenn der Kunde bei der ersten email noch nicht gekauft hat .

Zum Beispiel Kunde bekommt nach 30min erste Email. auf die email reagiert Kunde nicht nach 24stunden bekommt der Kunde 2 email


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Hello @KRUTO 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your Abandoned Cart Flow. 

I just want to take a minute to make sure I have translated your questions correctly. Your first question is if a customer receives your first email from the abandoned cart flow, will they continue to receive your emails from that flow if they purchase an item? Your second question if you set up a second email in the flow will the customer receive it after 24 hours if they did not make a purchase?

To answer your first question, if your customer enters the flow, receives the first email and then makes a purchase they will no longer meet the flow filter criteria and will not remain in the abandoned cart flow and therefore will not receive the other emails you have created in the flow. The time delays for sending these emails will be determined by you when creating the flow as you can see below I have this flow set with a 2 hour time delay before the first email sends and then a 20 hour time delay after the first email is sent before the second email is delivered. 

As for your second question. it will depend on the time delay you setup in the flow will determine when it is sent to your customer. If your customer still has not made a purchase after receiving your first abandoned cart email, the second email will send after the time delay you have created. In the example above, the second email will be sent to a customer 20 hours after the first email is sent as long as they do no make a purchase in that timeframe. 

I hope this helps clarify the abandoned cart flow! Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!