Abandoned cart and different language

  • 29 September 2022
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I have a WooCommerce store with multiple languages and I would like to setup abandoned cart notifications in the language the visitor has chosen. Now, in the community I have found that this can be done by country as on the image below.

But what about bilingual countries? E.g there is a Swedish speaking minority in Finland and I would like to send reminders to those in Swedish instead of Finnish. Using the above approach would send in Finnish instead of Swedish.

I have language available in the URL of the site (e.g. for Swedish and for Finnish) but it doesn’t seem like I can choose checkout URL in my conditional split.

Is there any other way this can be achieved? E.g. by using API or similar?


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9 replies

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@sorendam someone might be able to chime in better - but what about the user_url property? I personally haven’t used this but it could possibly work?



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Thanks for your reply.

However, I don’t have user_url as an option under ‘Properties about someone’ so that doesn’t seem to work.

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Hi @chelsgrove,

I recommend collecting language preferences from your users. This can be done in a number of different ways (I’ll attach some assisting information later in the reply).

Once these are in place, you can “layer” the properties by adding an additional conditional split for language preference under the “yes” path of the country split. For example, country equals Finland (yes) > language preferences equals Swedish (yes) for emails in Swedish. But if language preference equals Swedish (no) > email is in Finnish.

Here’s a visual of what that looks like in a flow:

Using language preferences will also assist with catering campaign-content to users based on their language of choice. This is because you can “layer” the country and language properties in a segment in a similar manner i.e. properties about someone > country equal Finland AND properties about someone > language preference equals Swedish. And send campaigns to these users or trigger flows off of this segment.

In terms of the resources, here’s a post speaking to collecting language preferences on signup-forms: 

You can also collect language preferences by adding a link or button to an email. You can also use manage preferences links to collect information - check out my colleague @David To’s reply in the thread below on that, there’s links to several helpful resources there too:

​I am attaching our help documentation on opt-in related pages for a list (it also includes information on preference pages) here for your reference.

I hope that’s helpful.


I’m in the same situation.

I mean, we collect subscriber language preference, but what if we want to send abandoned checkout flow in multiple languages ? These are not subscribers.

Is there a way to filter flow based on incoming url pattern ?
That way people coming from an url containing /fr/ will get the abandoned checkout flow in FR etc ?

thanks for your help


We have the same question, we want to send automatic abandonment cart email in the language of the URL. Thank you for your help!

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Hi @olorin & @floem,

Thanks for your follow-up messages.

While you cannot access the URL in a Checkout Started event (the event that triggers an abandoned cart flow), you can access the URL in a Viewed Product event. I recommend setting up a flow to update the customer's language profile property based on the URL in their Viewed Product event. That way, the language property will be set (from the Viewed Product event), before they reach the checkout page, and then the same logic as used in my previous post (using language in a split) can be applied to the abandoned cart flow.

The first split (contained in the red box) is to check if they already have a language set i.e. Klaviyo already knows language = english. If the user already has a language set, it will exit them from this flow rather than assign a language to them based on the URL. Just ensure you have Viewed Product tracking enabled.

Here’s an example of the workflow:

I hope that’s helpful.


Sure, but how do we create a trigger based on the URL? I see in the screenshot it is possible but I don’t see this option in my Klaviyo.


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Hello @IAIOS ,

This is likely from a custom property that is tagged onto user profiles of that account and then utilized as a trigger for their flows. 

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I have the same problem. And I’m leaving klaviyo because the customers always receives the wrong language. It’s impossible to deal with this with an abandoned cart in a site multilanguage.