Abandoned Cart/Browse Abandonment Technical Setup Questions

  • 6 July 2022
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Hey All,


I’m trying to understand how Abandon Cart and Browse Abandonment flows work from a technical perspective.

Setting everything up as a flow is easy and I get all those parts. 


What I don’t understand is how Klaviyo collects the emails and tracks the user through the website. 


To illustrate, let’s say we have these groups of users:


  1. Stumblers
    These people have stumbled upon the website, looked at some products, added them to cart, did not complete the purchase and left the website. 
  2. Curious Stumblers
    These people did the same as the Stumblers, but they have also given their email in the discount pop-up or any other email capture form on the website
  3. Curious Stumblers - No Consent
    These users acted the same way as the #2, but they have denied cookie consent.
  4. Buyers
    These users have successfully completed a purchase at least once and have entered their email in the checkout page

My question is, how would Klaviyo behave in regards to abandoned carts/browse abandonment for each of these users. 


My assumption:

  1. We did not collect their email at any point so they don’t enter any flows and don’t have a profile within Klaviyo. 
  2. We have recorded their email because they entered it in the email capture form. In that case, Klaviyo can and will send them an abandoned browse email showing them the products they viewed. 
  3. We have recorded their email and also their lack of consent. So in that case, they are skipped in any emails we send. 
  4. We have their email and will send them an abandoned cart email. 

So I suppose, ultimately, what I’m asking is when does Klaviyo collect user email address to then use it in flows and email marketing. 


And if most of the traffic currently is without an email record - the answer to that is creating a better email capture system, right? 


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Hey @PaulZenymarketing, glad to see you back here.

Your assumptions are pretty accurate.  Let me see if I can clarify based on what I know:

  1. If you never collected an email from someone, then they technically can’t receive any email.  
  2. If their email was captured in the same session as when they browsed products, then it’s likely they will get a browse abandonment email if that’s how you configured the Flow to trigger on “Viewed Product.” If they are a returning and “identified” user, then they are eligible to get this email too.  Here’s how Klaviyo identifies returning users via cookies: Understanding Cookies in Klaviyo
  3. This one is a bit tricky, because consent is not necessarily required for Flow messages to be sent.  Many transactional emails can be sent from a Flow (e.g. an order invoice, etc).  So it’s up to you set those Flow Filters (Triggers or Conditional) to ensure the behavior you want to happen.
  4.  Correct - in normal checkout abandonment emails are based on the “Started Checkout” event with a condition that a “Placed Order” did not occur.  

Just note, the above represents what a typical account setup might look like, you can of course change all the rules, or even add in the custom “Add to Cart” event as an additional event between Viewed Product, and Checkout Started for identified (returning) visitors.