Abandoned Cart dynamic syntax

  • 19 June 2021
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I’m trying to setup a flow for my first abandoned cart but I’m a newbie at this. 

What I’m trying to do here is greet the client, and introduce myself by stating my name. 

Next, the item left in the cart should be displayed and a hyperlink going to the order page. And display the purchase button.  

At this moment the product_name doesn’t appear in the subject header nore in the body. The cart_details is empty as you can see. 


Hey {{ first_name|default:'' }},

{{ Niles }} here!
You left {{ product_name }} in your cart.

{{ Click Here To Complete Your Purchase }}

Make sure you complete your order as quickly as possible.
Your shopping cart: {{ cart_details }}

Best Regards, 

{{ Niles }}



Best answer by Manny Singh 19 June 2021, 20:31

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Hi Niles, curious where did you get those tags from?


I would recommend starting with Klaviyo’s pre-built Abandoned Cart flow template and then modifying the email as you wish (see image example below) 


I think it’ll be easier that way than trying to create it from scratch.  It looks like the tags you are using are not tags Klaviyo would recognize.  For you own name, you wouldn’t need to use a tag, you can just put Niles.


Hope that helps!



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Thank you Manny, I will do that instead! 

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Hey Manny, just letting you know that I used the template of Klaviyo itself and got this setup and working! Thank you  again.