Abandoned Cart Flow Filter Confusion

  • 4 July 2023
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Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m a little confused for a cart abandonment email flow. I want a customer to enter the email flow if the following conditions are met:

  1. They’ve NEVER bought from my store before
  2. They haven’t been in the flow for at least 120 days (ex: they abandoned cart in the past and received abandoned cart email, but still didn’t order and return 1 year later)

Initially, I had set the trigger has “When someone Checkout Started.” with flow filters: “Ordered product zero times over all time” and “has not been in flow in the last 120 days”

I figured that “Ordered product zero times over all time” would be they have never bought from my store before AND they did not end up purchasing since the flow started. However, a new customer bought from our store and 15 minutes later (time delay set on abandoned email flow) still got the abandoned email. 

Does this mean that I need 3x filters? “Ordered product zero times over all time”, “has not been in flow in the last 120 days”, and “Ordered product zero times since starting this flow”?




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Welcome to the community @juniojeffaff 

Bit of a head scratcher this issue! I would expect your filter of never purchased to work. Did you review their purchase and abandon message timing from their profile activity? Just to confirm the abandoned message was sent after they purchased.

I have flows for new customers that work OK using a filter of 'placed order zero times over all time', however, I also have 'placed order zero times since starting this flow' in the abandoned checkout. I would add that.

Some other obvervations, though I don't know your business: 

  • 15-mins is very short as a delay for an abandon flow. People get distracted or start checkout to review total cost, shop around, have a think before (hopefully) completing their purchase with you. I usually use 4 hrs as a baseline for the first message and split test down from that to find the best delay for an audience. 
  • Not been in flow for 120-days seems excessive and will recover fewer orders. Maybe try between 7 days and 30-days?
  • I suggest you set flow messages to manual initially and do a review of a sample of contact profiles in the waiting list as it populates. I've found it's the only way to ensure all is working as you expect before the emails are sent and you set to live!

Hope that helps



Hey all,

I’m also having an issue where my customers who have placed an order are still getting the abandoned cart emails.

Here is how my flow filter is setup:-

Is this correct?

Are there any modifications i should make?

Any advice would be much appreciated.