Abandoned Cart Flow sending Incorrectly


I am having an issue with the abandoned cart flow and can’t figure out what is going on. The abandoned cart flow is 1. Double sending to a few first time customers, not all but it seems to send and then resend a few minutes later to a few and 2. It is sending to a few customers who have already purchased and taking them through the whole flow even though they should be excluded. I have had a look through a few forums on this topic and some say that there could be a sync issue, but when I check the integrations through shopify everything seems to be in order and it seems that shopify syncs in real time so this shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t see where it is going wrong. If anyone can offer support on this it would be greatly appreciated. 

Below is the customer activity log of two customers that have been sent the email after they have purchased. Customer 1 was not a repeat purchaser yet they were sent the repeat purchase email after already making the purchase. and customer 2 was sent the repeat purchase email after making their second purchase. It seems to be the repeat purchase email that send to customers that have already purchased and the First time customer email that double sends to some profiles

Customer 1
Customer 2 

Please see below the flow structure in place as well as the profile filters and trigger for the abandoned cart flow.

And finally here is the first time customer email sending multiple times, a few minutes after each other 

 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Matthew_Harper, welcome to the community!

First of all, thanks for sharing all the explanations with screen shots, it makes it much easier to help. :)  

I was stumped, because everything you had seemed to be correct. Then I saw that you had “OR” statements for your Flow Profile Filters.

Try switching those “OR” to “AND” because the way its reading is any of those conditions can be true for them to be eligible to enter to the Flow.  And the big one I think is “Fulfilled Order” because it’s unlikely you have Fulfilled Order for each rapid succession when someone goes to “Checkout Started” - so that means it’s always True, hence they can enter the Flow multiple times each time they do a “Checkout Started.”

Perhaps if you just simplify it to “Placed Order zero times since starting this Flow” AND “Checkout Started Zero Times...”
Remember, you can click on the Trigger Preview to play out a few scenarios to test.  Or, if you are still uncertain, if you put your messages into “Manual” mode you can verify each message before they are sent and then turn it Live if it seems to work correctly. 


Thank you for your assistance, I will give it a go and check to see if it works. But as you say it was perhaps a lot more overcomplicated than was needed, which created the problem in the first place.