Abandoned Cart Flow vs Abandoned Checkout Flow Performance Comparison

  • 5 April 2022
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For those of you using both an Abandoned Cart Flow (Triggered by Added to Cart) AND an Abandoned Checkout Flow (Triggered by Checkout Started), I am curious how the performance of those two flows compare to each other. 

For us, the Abandoned Checkout outperforms (in terms of revenue) the Abandoned Cart by about 2:1.  What are others seeing?




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4 replies

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Quick correction on my ratio.  We are actually seeing Abandoned Checkout outperform Abandon Cart by a factor of 3.5:1 not 2:1.  Also important to mention that the delivery analytics for both flows are nearly identical, in other words, both flows are sending to roughly the same number of users.

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Hi @motionrc,

Thanks for being a part of our Community, and great question! The discrepancy is reflected by the different strategies when it comes to tracking the profiles’ activities.

Abandoned Cart Flow (Triggered by Added to Cart)

  • intended to notify tracked Klaviyo profiles that added an item to their cart, but did not trigger a checkout nor did they place an order. 

Abandoned Checkout Flow (Triggered by Checkout Started)

  • will capture tracked and non-tracked customers who have entered their email at the first step of checkout.

@ashley_mcdermott does a great job describing these details in this other post as well:

Let me know if any other questions come up and have a great day!


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hi @chloe.strange 

thanks for your feedback. I wasn’t really posting a question for support, I am already intimately familiar with the various flows within Klaviyo. I was hoping to get feedback from the community of other Klaviyo users to see how their ratios compare.  



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@motionrc over the last 90 days, what we’ve seen for our clients is that on average the split is around 2:1.

Of the clients we manage:

  • 80%, the Checkout outperformed the Cart
  • 10%,  the Checkout far outperformed the Cart (10:1)
  • The smaller the client the more likely the cart outperformed (small being <$500k annual sales

It’s pretty typical from what we’ve seen. It also can depend on which touchpoint you offer discounts or in when those touch points are sent. It’s pretty typical that the closer to the purchase something is, the more likely it is to convert. 


Hope that helps.

​​​​​​​-Essence of Email